Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Out of Work

Here's a secret. Sometimes I regret moving to California. Sometimes I think it was a mistake. Sometimes I feel like a fool on a fool's errand.

But here's something else. At least I have a job (at the moment). Had I stayed in Utah, and had I stayed at the Salt Lake Tribune, I would most certainly be out of a job now. If not with the folding of IN Utah This Week (or whatever they changed the name to), then certainly today with the cut.

Thinking on it, the number of people I was closest to at the Trib that still work there is getting smaller and smaller.

Waffle fries and Morality

What profiteth it a man if he should eat a fry and lose his soul?

I was telling my 4-year-old about waffle fries (she had asked what we were having for dinner) and told her the best place to get waffle fries was from Chik-Fil-A. I told her we'd go there the next time we're at a place that has one.

But then I remembered all the money they gave to block homosexuals the right to marry like us heterosexuals and thought, I can't give them money that they use to fund movements I abhor.

I explained this to my 4-year-old. Maybe we shouldn't visit a place that refused a certain segment of the population the possiblity to marry. "That's not fair," she said, "Everybody should be able to get married."

I agreed.