Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Sweet Tears of Mitt Romney

"I'll say what you want me to say, dear electorate. Over mountains and waves and seas."

Mitt Romney, who hurls every epithet he can at Obama, including the ridiculous socialist label, has called Obama's statement that Mitt shipped jobs overseas as a "personal attack."

No, Mitt. A personal attack would be something like you belong to a fringe Christian sect that believes the way into heaven is passwords and handshakes, in addition to good, clean living.

A legitimate criticism is to say that when you claim you are king in the private sector, calling forth jobs like a divine creator, the facts do not appear to match that, you boot-strappin', out-sourcer.

Hey, I don't care what you do. Really. Cut costs, pay people pennies, and rake it in for yourself. That's fine. But don't be surprised when you are running for public office that somebody calls you on your greed and your feeble attempts to explain it away. "I was saving the Olympics," you say. So you had no idea what was going on at Bain Capital? When, if ever, did you become aware of outsourcing? Did you think it was OK when you did become aware? Or are you so bad at that job you leave the ship to other people and don't care what they do so long as you get your checks? Did you like the extra bucks it puts in your accounts? 

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