Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Birds

I'm a big fan of Hitchcock. I think most of his movies are sublime. I hadn't seen "The Birds" until today, when I popped it in after being unable to fall asleep.

I was surprised how much I didn't care for it. The story starts off slow, kind of builds toward the love interests, then turns into an out and out horror movie as they try to flee those eponymous birds.

We get glimpses into the lead female's life, but it doesn't say much about her. Is she bored? Is she adventurous? A little misunderstood, it seems.

And the male lead? What does he want? The "bad" girl? A quiet life? It's not clear.

Not that it matters anyway. As my eyes were glazing over the repeated information and banal dialogue, the birds attacked, and then the relationships stopped mattering. Except, I guess, that the Mother character grew to accept Tippi's character. Then it ends on a whimper, with the once violent birds, now sitting calmly.


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