Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's late now, I've just returned from work, and the following thought just occurred to me as I was brushing my teeth. I mention the late hour as an excuse in case it doesn't make any sense - why would God, if this life is a "test" for us to choose him again, make us out of bodies that spend a third of the day sleeping, another few hours for eating, and are susceptible to all kinds of infection? The pat, useless answer on the last one is so that we can know the bitter from the sweet.

But wasn't there some other material he could have used? Something more durable? Something that didn't require rest or continual nutrition? Just seems like a lot of the day is spent on tasks where we accomplish nothing but survive, and that if the object of our creation is to find and serve the correct god, we're not exactly machines suited to the task.

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