Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Of course he dislikes TV. The man uses a typewriter. Older is not necessarily better, sir. Why not write longhand, then?
I've never read a David McCullough book and now I really don't care to. In an interview with Time, he was asked what he thought future generations might say or wonder about us, the same way we wonder about otherwise intelligent men who denied women the same rights as men, and owned slaves. McCullough's answer - "Why we watch so much TV."

What a lame answer to an interesting question. Is TV not worth watching when you are on it, Mr. McCullough? PBS? The evening news? A good comedy or drama? Do you never seek pleasure, Mr. McCullough? Do you think reading is inherently superior to watching? Are you a determinist who thinks that watching TV has some kind of lasting impact on our capacity to learn, socialize and behave?

There is a lot of TV that is not worth one's time, just as there are many books, hobbies, paintings, sports, pastimes, movies and whatever else that is arguably not worth one's time. Why Mr. McCullough singled out television, I do not know, but I do not think it was a worthwhile answer at all.

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